Monday, January 24, 2005

Meat the Feeble

Meat and Livestock Australia will be pleased to learn that their current Australia Day commercial, in which former VFL player Sam Kekovich "satirically" denounces vegetarians as un-Australian and deserving of capital punishment is delighting true-blue Aussies the nation over. Those wishing to read a spirited defense of the ad could do worse than drag their knuckles to The Asylum, where critics of the controversial ad are taken to task in true demotic Australian ("fucking cry baby piece of shit leftie vegetarian traitors").

It's not the first time MLA have come to the aid of the oppressed white meat-eating majority (who are silent, apparently, not due to self-effacing reserve, but because their mouths are full of dead flesh). Previous forays into "wedge advertising" include the one in which a rosy-cheeked clan of suburbanites were hilariously confronted with their son's anemic, vegetarian girlfriend, and the classic in which a band of butchers parodied the antics of those crazy carrot-munching Hare Krishnas. Upon first viewing these ads, I laughed with such intensity that, to the observer, it would have seemed as though I wasn't laughing at all. But who, in the face of such incisive social commentary (vegetarians are sick, deathly undesireables, you say!) could resist a belly-laugh, particularly when one's belly is chockers with chopped up baa lamb?

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