Monday, February 14, 2005

New Band Destined For Chart Success, World Domination, Says NME

Influential British magazine NME, renowned for its sober, conservative assessment of new talent, this week announced that the Gonads, a four-piece group out of Glasgow, are "the best band in the world - ever!"

Reviewing the Gonads' self-titled debut EP, NME staff writer Chris Johansen drew attention to the band's "kick-ass melange of Bowie cool, Stones swagger, and punk rawk 'tude" and suggested that the Gonads, if given the chance, "would shit all over the Beatles, even the dead ones - especially the dead ones!"

The Gonads, who have played only a handful of much-hyped industry gigs since forming two months ago, are currently in the process of writing new material, hoping to increase their catalogue to an even ten songs by mid-year.

Martin Wales, a journalist at Baby Boomer music magazine Q, said that while he thought the Gonads had potential, he didn't think they would make it onto his magazine's new list, Aerosmith to Zevon: Twenty-Six Tunes That Rocked The World.

Johansen, however, stands by his appraisal. "This band reminds me why I got into music in the first place. Rock is now divided into two eras: before the Gonads, and after the Gonads. I proclaim The Gonads deities, and beseech all music lovers to prostrate themselves before these leather-clad rock lords from the north!"

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