Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bright Spark

Overheard in a second-hand book shop:

Customer: Excuse me, have you got Orwell's 1984?

Shop assistant: Er, is it fiction?

C: Yes.

SA: Orwell?

C: Yes.

SA: Is that A-U-W-E-L-L?

C: No, it's O-R-W-E-L-L.

SA: Oh. Sorry. I'm new here. I'll have a look for you.

New where? Planet Earth? Not wanting to be unduly snobby, but...seriously?


bogan-A said...

They should be shot and have their brains exhibited in a jar somewhere.

Mind you, I feel much the same about bookshop owners who don't know Atomised by Houellebecq, and regretably that's most of them!

Le Driver said...

You'd assume a love of classic literature would be a pre-requisite for working in a second-hand book store?

Though I must admit, I never liked 1984.

Tim said...

This guy was completely wrong for a university student working in a second-hand book store. You're supposed to be all snooty, and spend your day sitting behind the counter, reading Sartre and chatting to on the phone about your Gender Studies tute. If somebody asks you about 1984, you're supposed to look down your nose at them and say, "Well, I suppose Orwell's fairly advanced for you, but my preferred dystopian fantasy is Eugene Zamiatin's We," before telling them to go to Dymocks if all they're after is (sniff) "popular" fiction.