Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Holding Hands Across the Blogosphere

Jess has proclaimed today Bloggington Love Day, urging bloggers (and blog readers) to reach out and touch one another, possibly on the backside in a footy-player-esque "Nice goal, mate," manner. It's not a bad idea, as appreciation (any feedback, really) helps keep the blogging juices flowing from that special blogging juice vesicle, and most bloggers just don't receive enough of it. That includes me, by the way. Feel free to take that last sentence as a hint.


Mike Coville said...

I agree that it would be nice if everyone atleast said hi in the comments of a blog when they stop by and read. No need to give your life story , just let bloggers know you where there. Keep up the work and I'll be back. come see me at

hope you enjoy.

Jess said...

*cries happily*

I love Love Day. I'm so glad people are indulging in the love. Today could be my greatest achievement.

Now, where was I?

*grabs Tim on the arse*

Nice goal, mate!

jon said...

I participated in Love Day, and all I got to show for it was a nasty rash.

mscynic said...

Nice goal mate.

See you in the showers Big Boy.

MrLefty said...

Well I enjoy this blog. Haven't got anything profound to add to your posts, but some of them are certainly freaking hilarious.

My way of saying "hi, like the blog" is to link to you, which I have.