Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Speed of Lie

The "Lie-nstein Factor" and the ABC's culture of bias,
by guest blogger Andy Chappedsack

A message for those still labouring under the impression that the ABC's left-wing bias is restricted to a handful of unrepresentative loose cannons and therefore not worth bothering about: it's time to face reality. The ABC is a festering pool of subversive scum, and its bias is evident on almost every level, including - no, especially - light entertainment.

Take The Einstein Factor. "Your" ABC screens this noxious half-hour of semi-dried soilings every Sunday night in order to please a militant intellectual elite of minutiae-obsessed Trotskyites, whose idea of fun is a couple of rounds of snobbish trivia interspersed with sniggering pokes at Australia's democratically elected government. Light entertainment? Not with an agenda this heavy.

Hosted by "comedian" Peter Berner - an incendiary regular on a number of "your" ABC's majority-bashing stink-fests - The Einstein Factor seems to imply that knowledge is, in fact, something worth celebrating! Each week, three layabout show-offs pit their knowledge of arcane subjects against a panel of "intellectuals" in a bid to...well, what exactly? Not win money or consumer goods - this show is far too fashionably anti-materialist to offer anything so vulgar as prizes? No, The Einstein Factor celebrates that left-wing furphy, the intrinsic value of knowledge.

Yes, when the honest taxpayer settles down to an evening in front of "his" ABC on a Sunday evening, looking to relax before the start of the working week, he is expected to cheer at a trio of braying middle-aged undergraduates demonstrating their mastery of useless knowledge while a B-grade comedian trades decency-mocking banter with a further trio of state-succoured elites with the Australian taxpayer's signature on their tailor's receipts and the downfall of Western civilisation on their minds. To the honest taxpayer, whose hard-won knowledge helps him earn a living and therefore contribute to civil society, and who voted for the party "his" ABC is determined to scorn, The Einstein Factor must feel like a slap, if not a bag of freshly-brewed camel excrement, to the face!

Just look at the panel of "brains" who each week vie with Berner for the leftier-than-thou plaudits of the apparently doped-up studio audience. Theatre types, fringe comedians, politically-safe academics. Such worthy brains! What fun! The left-wing slant is so blatant as to make me feel a condescending old fool for even pointing it out. Why do we get Barry Jones and not Michael Kroger? Why Red Symons and not Stan Zemanek? Why "author and poet" Dr Anita Heiss ("a member of the Wiradjuri nation" according to the show's web site - but not, you will note, of the Australian nation!) and not Bryce Coutrney? Ah yes, because not only does the left have a monopoly on political truth, but also on humour and intelligence! How silly of me - a mere wage slave with a house in the 'burbs! - to forget the left's history of classic cacks! Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and now Peter Berner - the laughs just keep on coming!

The Einstein Factor is typical of "your" ABC's approach to light entertainment. A format usually associated with the commercial networks (in this case the quiz show) is given a veneer of trendy left-wing "credibility", fitted out with a politically-acceptable (to the left) host, then unleashed to do its dirty business under the guise of "satire" or "entertainment". Just what is funny or entertaining about a cadre of seditious refugees from the loony left putting forth an anti-capitalist, anti-US, anti-Australian agenda under the cover of a light-hearted Sunday night quiz show is beyond me. But then, I - and the majority of my fellow taxpayers - am not the target demographic of The Einstein Factor, or indeed any of "your" ABC's stable of treasonous treats.

Light entertainment? The only thing light about The Einstein Factor is its claim to existence.

Continuing Sterne's tradition of hard-hitting right-wing commentary, next week we examine "your" ABC's Gardening Australia - harmless backyard advice, or a tool of left-wing eco-terrorist propaganda?

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