Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Play Slammed as "Too Stagey"

Critics have slammed playwright William Chop's new work as "too stagey" and "totally unrealistic". Artificial Horizons, which opened last week at the Killdawhidman Theatre in Brunswick, has attracted almost universal condemnation, damaging Chop's status as one of the giants of the Australian stage.

Jonathan Pitt-Shmith, theatre critic for The Age, called it "a stage-bound morality play in which the characters appear to be acting out dialogue written by somebody else."

Phil Honeytease, writing in The Big Tissue, thought the play "unrealistic". "Who could possibly believe that these people live on a raised rectangular platform, inside a house with only three walls, and in front of an audience of some two hundred people?"

Dale Gasper of The Kitchener St. Moustache said that while he admired Chop's daring, he could not approve the playwright's flights of fancy.

"For no apparent reason, Chop has a giant curtain shroud the stage every twenty minutes or so, leaving the audience in darkness, twiddling their thumbs. Frankly, if this is the way theatre is going, this reviewer wants no further part in it."

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MrLefty said...

Seriously, laugh out loud. Brilliant.