Monday, May 16, 2005

A Pointless List

Or: The last 11 songs played at random by my portable mp3 player which, for the sake of conformity, I'll call an iPod.

I Need Somebody
- The Stooges
Sweet and Tender Hooligan - The Smiths
The City Sleeps - MC 900 ft. Jesus
Coffee and TV - Blur
Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest - Candiria
New World Water - Mos Def
The Wrong Way - TV On The Radio
Ken (Mother Nature's Son) - You Am I
Gotta Kill Captain Stupid - Suicidal Tendencies
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs - The Minutemen
Should Have Done What My Mum Always Told Me To - Spiderbait


Anonymous said...

If you only have this to post why bother posting at all?

Tim said...

Most bloggers post filler on occasion. This is because, unlike you, we have lives away from the computer and do not always have time to write the posts we would like to. The filler's just our way of saying we're still around, so hang in there and we'll get back to normal programming soon.

BTW, are you the same Anonymous I told to fuck off a few weeks ago? If so (or even if not), the same advice still applies.

Anonymous said...

You're supposed to be funny aren't you tim? Fuck off is not like you.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was supposed to be a funny site but you are mean!

Tim said...

Look, if you're going to post anonymous comments, at least say something intelligent, or even genuinely insulting. These cheap, petty shots are as dull as I suspect your intellect to be.

Eddie McGuire's false teeth said...

I'll drink to that! Anonymous posts are just a way of saying "I'm dull and my opinion is worthless"