Monday, June 13, 2005

QEII: The Rock Opera

In honour of Her Maj's birthday, I am proud to present QEII: The Rock Opera. In other words, here's a bunch of songs which have the word "queen" in their title or which in some tangential way refer to QEII, her reign, and her potential fate. Trust me, it all makes sense if you listen to the songs in order. Sort of. Anyway, happy birthday, yer old bat!

Planet Queen - T. Rex

Buckingham Green - Ween

Casino Queen - Wilco

The Queen and I - K.L.F.

The Kids Are Insane - Urge Overkill

Not Everyone's As Rich As Your Parents - Doctor Nerve

The Man Who Would Be King - The Libertines

The Queen Is Dead (Take Me Back To Old Blighty)
- The Smiths

Skull of a German - The Jesus Lizard

UPDATE: I just tried explaining the "plot" of my little rock opera to Lady Sterne. I suspect she will now call the asylum. Well, it was only a matter of time.


Brownie said...

Duke of Earl?
the Stones Lady Jane?
I'm Henry the 8th by Hermans Hermits?

Tim said...

Don't have any of those. I did consider posting Frank Zappa's "Duke of Prunes", but it didn't really fit.