Friday, July 22, 2005

Ashes To Ashes

How obvious is that title? Anyway, the Ashes got under way last night with both sides proving shithouse with the bat, but excellent in the field. I had intended on starting a special Ashes blog, but chucked the idea at the last minute. Given how exciting day one of the series was, I wish I'd gone through with it. Those seeking Ashes-related bloggery ought to check out the appropriately-named The Ashes, or, for the view from over there, The Corridor of Uncertainty. There are heaps of cricket blogs around, but these are the best I've found so far. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Darryl said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the plug! Much appreciated.

A couple of other blogs worth visiting (even though they are mere blogging versions of Michael Vaughan compared to my Glenn McGrath):