Monday, July 11, 2005

Brrm! Brrm!

Lady Sterne and I are buying a car - our first. This complicated, frustrating process is made slightly more complicated and frustrating by the fact that neither of us have a licence. Until recently, I have never really felt the need to learn to drive, and although it has occasionally been inconvenient, not having a car at least means you don't have to spend all your money on petrol, insurance, and fuzzy dashboard novelties. Anyway, at the grand old age of almost-twenty-seven, I am about to become a car owner.

Buying a car when you can't actually drive is about as much fun as it sounds. Car dealers tend to give you odd looks when you tell them your dad will be conducting the test drive. They also get a gleam in their eye as it becomes obvious that my knowledge of cars is virtually nil. My own mood is not helped by the fact that the salesmen look like they've escaped from the set of Used Cars.
Why are we buying the car before we have licences? Well, we want to learn in an automatic but nobody we know has one they are willing to teach us in. So we're buying our own damn car, then nobody can stop us! Not God, not Kurt Russell, nobody!

* * *

In other news, today I successfully installed a second hard drive in my computer with surprisingly little swearing or wall-punching and not even a hint of electrocution. Pardon me if I show off a little, but this was something of an accomplishment for me, given my general cack-handedness when it comes to technology. Upon prying open the computer case, I was confronted with an array of chips and ribbony things and delicate-looking plugs, none of which promised an easy time. Yet with concentration, hard work, and yes, some swearing, the job got done, and I'm pleased to say the computer has yet to explode.


Guy said...

It's impossible to buy a car and not get f***ed over royally, as far as I know.

And with regards to the hard drive - amazing! Did you put the casing back on at some point only to find that miscellaneous plug or card X23.2 was not pushed in firmly, and thus nothing worked, necessitiating another frustrating decasing exercise?

If so I've been there on multiple occasions.

Tim said...

I left the casing off until I was sure everything worked. I still can't believe I didn't completely wreck my computer.

Crystal said...

Oh I love that Used Cars movie. The blonde who gets done on the bonnet is Australian . . . .Cheryl someone . . . .?

Brownie said...

I taught myself to drive, at the age of 40, in the carpark of the Brighton Golf Club, after midnight.
Parking? the rubbish bin and a garden chair were stand ins for other cars. a pushover. Then I drove around without a licence for about 4 years. Breathalysed several times. Amazing what a brand new car will conceal.
Way to go Sterneys.