Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rage Playlist Meme

Like most regular Rage viewers, I have indulged in speculation about what I would programme if given the chance. Then, when the Rage playlist meme was handed to me, I promptly forgot almost all of the thousands of video clips I've seen through the years. After much brain-punching, I managed to put together a list of twelve tunes that would probably make it to my final playlist. They're not necessarily my favourite songs (although some of them are), but they are all amusing and/or interesting and/or highly sexy clips. Obviously one of the great joys of programming Rage would be discovering just what is available. For example, the Zappa song I've included is the only one I've ever seen on Rage, but given his output it can't possibly be the only one they have. Maybe one day, I'll have the chance to find out...

(But probably not.)

I Wanna R
ock - Twisted Sister
O Superman - Laurie Anderson
The Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog

Little Drummer Boy
- David Bowie & Bing Crosby
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths

Crazy In Love - Beyonce
You Are What You Is - Frank Zappa
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

Come to Daddy
- Aphex Twin
Shake Your Rump - Beastie Boys
Trip At The Brain - Suicidal Tendencies

I'll pass the meme to Ladycracker, if she has the time or inclination to accept.


Brownie said...

Will totally pay out on Twisted Sister and now I'm annoyed that I forgot Jane's Addiction's clip in the supermarket (the song title is evading me but you all know the one).

Tim said...

I think it's called "Been caught stealing".

LadyCracker said...

Will gratefully accept - stay tuned for the BEST LIST EVER

Crystal said...

Holy cow! no pun intended but I went over to look at that LadyCracker of a clips list and got instead an awful picture of a poor spanish bull. I loathe spaniards . . Penny Cruz? don't get me started. I cannot even buy spanish olive oil in the market. bastas

Jon said...

An excellent list, but personally I would have included 'Fish Heads' by Barnes and Barnes.