Friday, August 26, 2005

Boom Boom Boom Let's Go Back To My Womb

Yes, it's the "I haven't got anything substantial to post so here's a bunch of bullet points" boogie.
  • Lady Sterne had her first ultrasound today. Although the embryo (or Ichabod, as we like to call it) is only seven centimetres long at this point, we could make out its brain, heart, stomach, hands and feet, and even its face if we used our imagination. All is well with mother and baby, and although I don't have a scanned ultrasound image to share, I can confirm that the baby looks nothing like this:
  • I met the delightful Beth yesterday to do a spot of horse trading and plot the next phase of our Booker longlist reading project. It's pretty much like the first phase, i.e. we read books and then blog about them. If you're interested in the prize, Beth's reviews are well worth a look, as are Gayla's.
  • Speaking of meeting bloggers, Chris Fryer's long-awaited Grogblogging extravaganza is happening tomorrow night. I can't make it, but Jon will be there with bells on, and possibly clothes, too. Look for a full, uncensored report early next week.
  • Finally, Adam Ford has been kind enough to send me a copy of the new edition of his zine, Jutchy Ya Ya, surely the finest eight pages of random shenanigans this side of, er, the last issue of Jutchy Ya Ya. Check Adam's site for more details about the zine and all the other things he's involved in. (I mean creative activities of course. He's not involved in anything untoward. Not that he advertises on his site, anyway.)


Jo said...

*Boom Boom Boom Let's Go Back to My Womb*

Ha! Ha ha!

divinetrash said...

Jon: I'm proud to say that I remembered step 5 BEFORE I got the CD out and listened to it 100 times. OK, I'm not so proud about the listening to it 100 times part, but what can you do?


"Step 5 ... Don't you know that the time is right?"

(What girl could turn that down?!)

Jon said...

Thanks divinetrash - I'd just succeeded in getting the bloody song out of my head before I read that. Now it's firmly ensconced again, and insanity beckons.