Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vampire Movie Buff Mainly In It For The Lesbians

Self-proclaimed "vampire movie freak" Michael Gerd, 19, yesterday confessed that his enthusiasm for the genre is largely based on its tendency to feature buxom young women biting one another's necks.

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoy movies like Lust For A Vampire and The Hunger as cinematic experiences, even as art," Gerd told a press conference. "But mostly I enjoy them because they give me a reason to keep buying baby oil, if you see what I mean."

Gerd said that his favourite lesbian vampire film is Jess Franco's trashy 1970 take on the Dracula legend, Vampyros Lesbos.

"It's a very complex film, laden with symbolic meaning and featuring some quite innovative cinematography and an engaging psychadelic soundtrack. Also, there's a whole heap of titty, so, you know, two thumbs up from me."

The Adelaide-based masturbator said that although recent years had seen a decline in the number of lesbian vampire films being produced, he was looking forward to the DVD release of the ultra-cheap Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers.

"I used to do kickboxing and I'd love to do lesbian vampires, so it's like the perfect combination for me.


Rex said...

Funny, thats the same reason I read European fashion mags. For the extra nipple you just don't get in the Australian variety.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

"Sexploitation" films are just another example of the patriarchal nature of modern capitalist socitety, and is used by the ruling class as a way of allowing the male viewer to vicariously exercise power so that they don't rise up and challenge the power inbalance inherent in the dominant socio-economic status quo.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say LESBIAN VAMPIRES?

HERE ya go:

Anonymous said...

oops ... screwed up the URL ... here's the right one:

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