Thursday, October 27, 2005

Controversial Dress-To-Thrill Legislation Passed

The Senate yesterday passed the government's controversial "dress-to-thrill" legislation that will give federal police unprecedented powers to get all tizzed up and looking nice.

"This is a vital piece of legislation," said Prime Minister Howard. "It's no good fighting a war on terror if you look like no one owns you. This allows police to get down, get fresh, and get funky, and that can only be good for Australia."

The Opposition and minor parties expressed dismay that the legislation was passed with the contentious "Casual Monday" clause intact.

"The Prime Minister evidently finds it acceptable for police to kick off their Sunday shoes and cut footloose," said Labour spokesperson James Pervert, "but I think he will find that the Australian people want a professional police force dressed at all times in the latest snappy threads."

There was also consternation at measures allowing police to go barefoot and even shirtless in stations.

"Surely it is a case of no shirt, no shoes, no serving in the police force," said Mr Pervert. "As for this 'Fancy Dress Friday' business, well, if we want to be laughed at and attacked by terrorists, this is the right way to do it."

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