Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dr Banville & Mr Black

John Banville's publisher has revealed that the Booker-winning author is penning a series of thrillers under the pseudonym Benjamin Black. "He doesn't want people reading Quirke [the first Black novel] and looking for the same things they do in a Banville novel," Picador's Andrew Kidd said. "With this, his main intent is to entertain."

Scott wonders if this amounts to a tacit admission that Banville's intent in his literary fiction is to "bore use to tears. I'd hate to assume that anyone would read literary fiction for their enjoyment."


Meanwhile, hard-boiled crime author James Ellroy has announced that for his next novel he will doing something rather different.

"It will be plotless - I'm so fuckin' over plots," Ellroy told reporters. "What I'm doing instead is a sombre meditation on memory, grief, and guilt, just teasing out the fuckin' strands of a character's inner life. It's about this guy - a former English professor, but you know, a real greasebag - who returns to his childhood village and slowly - and I'm doing this in long, sinuous sentences, real ornate, Nabokovian shit - slowly he unfolds the story of his own past, revealing all the shit he went through as a child. It was gonna be his mother got cut up or something, but I decided to go way out and have it be all, you know, emotional scarring and shit."

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