Monday, October 03, 2005


Say Hitler didn't kill himself and eluded capture after the conclusion of WW2 and, upon seeing the error of his ways, set up shop as a chocolatier, only to be forced into mysterious reclusion by the combined forces of Mossad and Slugworth's Chocolates, and say he one day held a competition in which golden tickets were hidden in five Uncle Adolf's Extra Crispy Choc-ripple delight bars, and whoever found a ticket would receive a free tour of the chocolate factory, conducted by Uncle Adolf himself, and one day you peeled open an Uncle Adolf bar and there was a golden ticket inside, meaning you'd won, so you did a little song and got your elderly relatives all worked up about visiting the factory.

Ignoring the obvious concerns (potential for dental cavities, the attempted extermination of European Jewry), would you go?


Nic White said...

Very funny :P

The question did have serious underlying considerations on the nature of justice and morality, it came out of an argument I heard the other day about such things. Seems most people have missed the point or dont wish to explore the issues.

UnderCrackers said...

Free chocolate...hell yes I would go!