Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogrolling (In My 5.0)

I'm slowly cleaning up our blogroll, a process that has involved a small amount of culling. If I've deleted you and you think I oughtn't have, have a whinge in the comments and I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, there are a few new/recent additions that are worth highlighting.

- I just discovered - like, literally, half an hour ago - that Martin Newell, poet, writer and pop music genius is also a blogger, and a damn interesting one, too. So he's on the 'roll.

- Rejoice, for Rex (late of Rex in the City) has returned to analyse, comment upon, and generally mock the powers that be at LabourFirstBlog.

- Of the many literary blogs I read, the one I have been most enjoying lately is The Mumpsimus. The emphasis is on sci-fi, but Matthew is broadly read and regularly offers some nice insights.

- A couple of local blogs I've been enjoying: Things I've Written, which features some excellent film reviews and other pop cultural observations. I particularly like the regular feature in which Ben pans the Herald Sun's ridiculous "55 words" section. Then there's Sorrow at Sills Bend, a superior culture blog whose author is both witty and intelligent.

There, that filled in a post and allowed me to make a Vanilla Ice reference. Bravo.


Tim said...

Yeah yeah, I know this is a bullshit post, but whatever. Back off, all right, punk!

LadyCracker said...

Whew, I made it through. I'm off to dissect some culture and keep my rightful place.

Lucy Tartan said...

Um, yeah, it IS a bit weird, but thanks!

Tim said...

Well I didn't mean to offend or weird anybody out. Just pointing out some interesting blogs.

Ben said...

Hey thanks alot for the great ref Tim, I'm loving what you guys dish out too - especially I Know Where You Live.

Tony.T said...

Olinda's nice this time of year, don't you know.

LadyCracker said...

Tim, I'm not upset or weirded out, just a joke!


Tim said...

Sorry I misinterpreted, LC. You know you'll always have a place on my blogroll. And I mean that in a strictly platonic sense ;)