Monday, November 07, 2005

A Little Ray of Moonshine

Ray Martin, in a Herald Sun interview last week:
"If someone had suggested to me 40 years ago, when I applied for a cadetship at the ABC, that over the next 40 years I'd get to talk to almost every US president from JFK to Clinton...I'd never have believed them."
And indeed why would he, given that JFK was assassinated in 1963, two years prior to Ray taking up his clipboard at the ABC. Either the Herald Sun journalist made a mistake when transcribing the interview, or Ray has let slip that he not only communes with, but actually interviews, the dead. No wonder Nine is so keen to retain his services...


Rex said...

Hey Tim,

I think you'll like the tune called Hooray for Ray, by Eddie Perfect.

cheers Rex

Chris Fryer said...

Tim it's non-inclusive. It's JFK to Clinton not including JFK or Clinton.

I stopped watching Ray when he moved to Channel 9 and turned to the dark side. So as to weather or not he ever interviewed Clinton, I don't know.

Hooray for Ray!!!