Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Two Things

1. Anybody know of any decent Australian music blogs? There's plenty of North American and English kids (and non-kids) out there doing their bit for the greater sonic good, but where are the Aussie efforts?

2. What the frack is going on with Sterne's blogroll? Why have parts of it become detached from the rest and turned bold? Why?


Tony.T said...

Is that "decent Australian music blogs"? Or decent Australian music blogs"?

Tim said...


Kate said...

Nope, don't know of any. Perhaps someone should start one?

Tim said...

Nah, you need to be more switched on to the scene (sorry: "the scene") than I am.

Russ said...

Not being familar with your whole blogrolling thing I can't say exactly, but... You've gone and got yourself a spare new-line after Toxic Waste Tim. Or, you entered a <p> tag in there. Or something else.

Anyway, the <p> it gives you is causing it to display a little differently.

P.S. I review all the Australian CDs I buy. Unfortunately, a) that is not that many and b) I'm crap at it.

Tim said...

Thanks Russ. The weird thing is I haven't been editing the template, so I'm not sure where the superfluous tag has come from.

mscynic said...

Oh sure, kick a girl's ego whilst she's down, why don't you?

I personally thought MY site appeared in BOLD because you thought I was a truly talented genius and EVERYONE should be made aware of my Wilde-like charms.

Alas. It's just a fucking html error, huh?



Like I cared, anyway!

[I might be preaching to the converted, or at least the technologically-literate, but, you should check what the H? before the link is (in your template). Eg: H2, H3, H4, H5 etc. I think you will find that the H[?] has been changed, and you just need to change it back to whatever the H[?] is on the rest of your blogroll.]

P.S. Thank you for your kind, supportive words. They were much appreciated.

Tim said...

Anytime MsC. Good to see you back again.

Christo said...

I only know of two music blogs written by Australians:

the new blog extension of the Cyclic Defrost mag.

which is defunct but might come back apparently.

Tim said...

Cheers, Christo, I'll check them out.

I fixed the blogroll problem, but in the process I fucked up the template. So we have a new look. We were due a change anyway.

Brownie said...

there are aus music links at http://rocknerd.org/
and at
and tired old 80's punks links at
and Independia Jeremy Bowtell is a link there - he is an RMIT film student with more music links. good luck

Tony.T said...

Wah-Hey! That's a better looking blog.

Adam 2.0 said...

Try www.melbs.org. It's run by Pat and some other cool dudes who I used to go to school with.