Friday, December 09, 2005

Blogging Is The Real Winner

I don't care if you vote for Sterne in Vlado's 2006 Australian Blog Awards (hosted by Collective Apathy). Whoever heard of blog awards, anyway? What a load of elitist ego-stroking. Next year we'll be dolling ourselves up and treading the red carpet for blogging's "night of nights" at Crown bloody casino! I'm tempted to quit blogging altogether now it's gone so mainstream and safe. This awards thing is rubbish, so even if you think we're so fucking awesome that you simply must vote for us, don't, whatever you do, don't do it for my sake.

You may, however, vote for Sterne for Jon's sake. He's desperate to win something.

Here are my noms:

Best Overall Australian Blog

Best Post on an Australian Blog
Ask a Hyperactive Fat Kid (OK, I realise that I wrote this myself so nominating it might be bad form, but look at all the people I've nominated for other catagories! And that aside, is blatant self-promotion really so bad? Well, anyway, Ms Cynic nominated herself for Best SA Blog, so, like, back off y'all.)

Best NSW Blog
The Adventures of Queer Penguin

Best Victorian Blog

Best Tasmanian Blog
piss 'n' vinegar

Best South Australian Blog
Watchdog of the Wankers

Best Northern Territory Blog
Troppo Armadillo

Best Overseas Australian Blog
The Road to Surfdom

Best Humourous Australian Blog
Freeway 9

Best Designed Australian Blog

Best Australian Personal Blog

Best Australian Political Blog
Anonymous Lefty

Best Australian Photo Blog
Sorrow at Sills Bend

Best New Australian Blog
Will Type For Food

Best Australian Collaborative Blog
Labour First Blog


Tim said...

I really do feel bad for nominating myself. But not bad enough to change it. Weird, huh?

mscynic said...

If I had nominated the way I really wanted to, I would have nominated ME for:

Best Overall
Best Post
Best Humorous
Best Political
Best Photo
Best Tech
Best Audio/iPod/mp3/thingy/whatever

Hell, I'd even take the states too. I'm big enough for all of them.

Good luck!

LadyCracker said...

thanks Tim and Jon :)

Peter said...

To be perfectly fair, the brilliant Virginia of I Am Alert should be heaped with praise for the Glutbusters design. I had nothing to do with it.

TimT said...

I'm flattered, but my blogs old enough to have been nominated for the previous year's blog awards!

PS I'll probably be voting for your nominated post. Hilarious!

PPS If anybody wants to nominate a post of mine - not that I'm suggesting you do, or anything - then you could do worse than starting here: (I've done better, but I couldn't be bothered finding them).

PPPS There's a fiver in it for you.

Beth said...

Thanks Tim! And I started laughing all over again when you reminded me of hyperactive fat kid. I might even go and vote...