Friday, January 13, 2006

Let's All Party Like It's 9,999 + 1

Have you people nothing better to do? As of today, for reasons beyond my ken, Sterne has passed 10,000 hits, and has managed to do this in just under a year. How? Why? Surely it can’t all be me refreshing the browser every few minutes to check for comments. It both mystifies and gratifies Tim and myself that people keep coming back to read the nonsense we irregularly foist upon your internets.

Though we’ve come a long way, this milestone marks a turning point for us. Starting next week, we are proud to announce that we will be taking Sterne in a whole new direction. 10,000 is pretty good, but we feel we can do better; there are demographics out there in blog-land we’re just not reaching. So: as of Monday, no more sass-mouth, no more silly attempts at satire or ranting at societal idiocy . No – we’re going to concentrate on something more honest, more artistic, truer to the spirit of the electronic age.

That’s right, we’re going to start posting nude photos of ourselves. Those of you who enjoy looking at skinny, frighteningly pale flesh are in for a real treat. The rest of you might want to invest in some sort of nausea medication. However, I think you’ll particularly appreciate the explicit yet tasteful series I’ve titled “Boy Parts or Bratwurst?”.

Many, many thanks are due to our regular readers/commenters/gluttons for punishment, who’ve put us over the 10k mark; and cheers, too, to those lucky few who’ve stumbled across us by accident in the course of their day; and our deepest gratitude also to the person who keeps typing “caressing nipples” into his search engine in order to find us. Keep coming back, y'all. Seriously, if you don't, we'll hunt you down like dogs.


divinetrash said...

Congratulations, guys! 'Tis a pleasure to read your inane rantings, so as long as you keep writing them, I'll keep reading them.

From, visitor no. 10,018.

JPW said...

Nude pictures? If you do, I take back all the hits I've given you. Because I'm a hacker.

Ben said...

Jon, as one heterosexual to another, let me say I look forward with wild anticipation to your foray into the erotic arts.

Congrats on the 10k mark, but be warned - if you get to 20 before me you can consider your species extinct.

Kim said...

Howdy. Just found you guys through the Australian Blog Awards nominations. Come visit us two ladies blogging away as well.

We just cracked 9,000 which we're darn tootin' proud of too, although I'm sure it's just me opening and closing the window in a suitably obsessive manner.

Some may classify us as a 'mummy blog' (bleuch) but there's enough husband bashing, swearing and other insights into stupidity to keep some people entertained.

Looking forward to the nude pics.

TimT said...

we're going to start posting nude pictures of ourselves.

A chilling vision of things to come.

Congrasts on the record, though.

Tim said...

"caressing nipples"? I'm more concerned about the searches for "deformed privates", "dirty anuses", and "livinia nixon john so fist party".