Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ringo Starr Publishes Pro-Capitalism, Pro-Ringo Children's Book

Hard on the heals of Paul McCartney's anti-capitalist kid's book, High in the Clouds, McCartney's former band-mate Ringo Starr has published his own children's book.

Starr says his book, titled Give Uncle Ringo Your Money, Now! came to him in a dream.

"I dreamed I was sitting at me desk writing some rubbish kiddie book, and all this money started falling from the sky. When I woke up, I immediately began writing. I expect the money at any moment now. That's why I brought me umbrella."

Give Uncle Ringo Your Money, Now! tells the heartwarming story of Bingo, the runt of a litter of four puppies who, while lacking the talent of his brothers, succeeds in winning the heart of his owner, Uncle Ringo, by performing unbecoming tricks for money.

According to Starr, the book is "a parable for the age - or at least for my old age. It's got puppies, tricks, and somebody called Ringo getting a shitload of money for doing bugger all. The only problem is, now I have to think of a new title for my forthcoming autobiography."


MrLefty said...


Le Driver said...

I laughed. Then I felt bad. My best friend Emily, drummer extraordinaire, regrettably idolizes Ringo. And Elvis. And other old old old people.

divinetrash said...

Hooray for mocking Ringo. No such thing as too much of that, if you ask me.

Tim said...

He's an easy target, I suppose. But while his post-Beatles activities have often been questionable, I can never understand those who make fun of his drumming. It's accurate and perfectly suited to the music it backs. Somehow I doubt "Eleanor Rigby" would have been improved by a ten minute, John Bonham-esque drum solo.

Brownie said...

Emily and tim are correct. Ringo is a damn fine backbeat drummer. He has managed to stay married to the beautiful Barbara Bach Bond-girl, despite them ripping each other to shreds in and out of rehab; and I love it that Melbourne was/is the one place in the world where there were FIVE Beatles photographed together. I would prefer to read his book than any Tim Winton who stuck chooks down a well on p12 of his first acclaimed novel and lost me forever. go Ringo.
signed Beatles4eva

Ben.H said...

I like Ringo precisely because this sounds like something he would really do.

Also, he had a better film career than the other Beatles.