Friday, January 27, 2006

Shorts & Twirlies

There's been stuff happening, but not enough for a proper post:
  • If you hadn't noticed, it has been extremely hot for the last month. Is this a symptom of global warming, or just a sign that God hates us and can't wait until we die to get us on the cooker?
  • Working in this sort of weather, particularly in an uncooled (not to mention uncool) workplace, should be outlawed. It does funny things to your brain, not to mention your boxer shorts. A warning to any co-workers reading this: tomorrow at work, I may go nude.
  • Sterne failed to win anything at the blog awards. I actually forgot to vote, the whole thing having completely slipped my mind soon after the initial nomination period. Oh well, I don't think it matters. Congrats to the winners, including Sterne reader Lucy Tartan! (If I can't have the real thing I'll be happy with some reflected glory.)
  • Contrary to rumour (i.e. the one I started), my other blog, Intersecting Lines, will not be shutting up shop. Instead, I have taken on another team member, who is probably sitting at home right now regretting his offer to contribute.
  • Speaking of blogs, how about this debate over which is funnier, the right or the left? Going by the evidence of the last few days, the ratio of funny to dull, self-important and tedious is about the same on both sides. Worst blog debate ever.
  • Meanwhile, at work I've been forced to listen to 3AW. (This seems to be the standard work station, along with Triple M. We sometimes listen to Mix, but I always turn it off. I don't like Irish music.) It's fascinating stuff, and deserving of a post of its own, but one thing I will mention now is the way 3AW helps you feel connected to a real community. A real community of utter dickheads, sure, but still a community. Today, for example, one guy rang up to reveal the shocking news that there was a garbage truck on fire near his place in Clayton. Like - wow! Thanks for sharing, dude! They just don't do that kind of local-minutiae-treated-as-genuine-news on other stations. I was just going to ring up and let them know there'd been a huge series of nuclear explosions overhead about eight and a half light years away when they played an ad for the Neil Mitchell show (it's like porno: all moaning and no substance) and I had to go and throw up for an hour or two.


TimT said...

I. hate. Neil. Mitchell.

There, I said it. Actually, that's pretty much all I wanted to say. Cheers.

TimT said...

I'm back. Dude, I just sent you an email. You want me to do some posts for your book blog? Let me know.

PS I hate Neil Mitchell.