Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoon Conniption

With embassies burning, catchy anti-West slogans being chanted, and innocent cheeses being burnt in the street, secular democracies must stand firm and defend our right to publish what we want, when we want, and in whatever format we like - yes, even in a chapbook or engraved onto a grain of rice. And if newspapers will not reprint the "offending" cartoons it is up to bloggers to spread the message, which is not one of hate or bigotry, but in fact the opposite. It is an assertion of freedom, of tolerance, of the very values upon which our civilisation is based. We at Sterne are not political bloggers, per se, but we recognise that it is time to take a stand. We may not agree with the content of the cartoons in question, but we defend to the death the right of the cartoonists to draw them.

Australia is still a free country. We wish to exercise that freedom and we ask you, dear reader and fellow lover of freedom, to view these cartoons and judge for yourself:

By publishing these cartoons we mean no offense, however we recognise the right of all people to violently over-react. Death threats and other considered responses may be sent to the usual address.


MrLefty said...

You f'ing bastard, Sterne. On behalf of everyone with a working sense of humour, FRED BASSETT CARTOONS ARE DEEPLY, DEEPLY OFFENSIVE.


Tim said...

Now let's just calm down, we don't want to incite anybody to burn down Alexander Graham's house.* This is a freedom of speech issue and not about who didn't make who laugh or supposed "sensitivities" over the portrayal of balding eight year-olds in Peanuts. Why, Voltaire himself would certainly have defended our right to publish these cartoons, although how we'd go about explaining Andy Capp to a seventeenth century Frenchman is entirely another question.

* Alexander Graham being the twisted genius behind the Fred Basset cartoon, as if you didn't know!

JPW said...

Those cartoons...make me want to...gnnng!...bomb...something!

Bear (timelord) Wabbit said...

I am a time lord and I find the depiction of Lucy's pedantry inthe second strip


as a result I'm going to put a crucifix in a jar of urine and burn down the tardis.

HA!! maybe not even in that ORDER!! I AM a time lord!!!

Watch the skies!!! (get it.. WATCH?... lol )