Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Tool Album Released In Time For Mother's Day

10, 000 Days, the long-awaited new album from progressive metal band Tool, was released in Australia yesterday, just in time to take advantage of the Mother's Day shopping period. Record stores have reported brisk sales in the last twenty-four hours, with many ordering extra units in anticipation of a last-minute rush as the big day approaches.

"Tool are a favourite with mums of all ages," JB Hi-Fi buyer Davis Margarita told Sterne. "Their last album [2001's Lateralus] went platinum largely on the back of Mother's Day sales. We're expecting big things from the new album. I can tell you, I'll be buying a copy for my mum! She reckons she'd do Maynard James Keenan until her bits fell off."

Throughout their career, Tool have openly courted the "knitted dollar". For example, on their last Australian tour, special "mums with bubs" sessions were held, which proved extremely popular.

"It was great to be able to go along, have a cup of coffee, put my feet up and listen to some really fucking awesome metal," mother of three Josephine Wig, 34, told Sterne. "I've been dropping hints to my kids about the new album for months. Last week I nearly drove them crazy singing "Stinkfist" [a track from the band's 1996 album ├ćnima] every morning as I drove them to school. I've got my fingers crossed that come Mother's Day I'll be listening to 10, 000 Days in bed over my burnt toast and cold coffee."

Between albums, the band maintains contact with its legion of maternal fans with an annual Mother's Day card, featuring exclusive artwork by Tool guitarist Adam Jones. The 2005 card featured the words "Happy Mother's Day" spelled out with rotting cow intestine on the stomach of an obese circus clown.

"It's lovely to receive the card each year," says Balwyn grandmother Beverly Crimson, "but nothing beats a new Tool album. Like many women, I have a lot of middle-aged angst, and listening to the driving riffs, propulsive drumming and off-kilter lyrics of Tool is extremely cathartic. And I must say it makes a pleasant change from all that Human Nature crap I get lumbered with every other year."