Friday, May 26, 2006

Like My Body?

As if witnessing my first ever sheep funeral (courtesy of Neighbours - rest in peas, Cassie, with a side-serving of gravy) was not enough, today I saw possibly the worst, yet most amusing, commercial ever. Featuring everybody's favourite "enhanced" whatever-she-is, Anna Nicole Smith, the ad was for a slimming treatment called Trimspa. I could describe it, but you'd never believe me, so click here to watch. It's not the exact same ad Ten is screening, but it uses the same hilarious elements. (Warning: not suitable for workplaces that forbid uncontrollable laughter and/or excessive furrowing of brow.)


Puss In Boots said...

Oh dear god. That is horrid. I think I'd rather stick bamboo shoots into my eyes than watch that again!

Jon said...

Fans of this ad should check out The Oozinator.

So wrong it can't not be right.