Thursday, May 18, 2006


For years I have looked at the front cover of Sonic Youth's EVOL...

...and wondered: who is that strange, striking, nasty-looking woman? Oddly enough, it wasn't until today that I actually got around to Googling it.

The picture is actually a still of performer Lung Leg taken from a film by Richard Kern, a prominent member of the so-called Cinema of Transgression movement (Lydia Lunch, et al). I'm not sure which film it's taken from. I saw Death Valley 69 on a dodgy bootleg video late one bongy night about a decade ago, but I couldn't say if it even featured Leg, let alone the scene in question. Whatever the case, you can be sure there was some nasty shit going on around her, worthy of that snarl.

According to Wikipedia (honestly, that site just sucks the fun out of research), Leg disappeared after starring in a number of Kern's films and video clips during the mid-to-late-eighties. There are also unconfirmed reports that she took a lot of LSD, had affairs with Nick Cave and Blixa Bargeld, then became convinced that a crazed German named Ninny was trying to (and I quote) "spread Communism and destroy Christmas". More recently, she has been living in Minneapolis, where she "dabbles in taxidermy" and wanders the streets dressed as a witch.

I also learn from the all-knowing Wiki that on the original vinyl of EVOL, "Expressway to Yr. Skull" (aka "Madonna, Sean and Me", aka "The Crucifixion of Sean Penn", aka "one of my favourite songs, like ever!") featured a locked groove in the actual record, meaning it could pretty much go on forever. Not sure I like it that much, but still, pretty cool, and not something you can easily replicate on CD.

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