Monday, May 08, 2006

Vale Grant McLennan

How eerie that the voice emerging from my computer’s speakers – that of Go-Betweens’ co-founder Grant McLennan – was silenced forever on Saturday. He died in his sleep, aged forty-eight. So that’s it for one of Australia’s best songwriters. What we have is all we’ll get.

Words are pretty bloody inadequate when a talented and by all accounts intelligent and genial man like McLennan passes away. Even for a late-coming fan like myself, the news is very sad. I don’t know what to say, so let’s just have some music.

Going Blind”, a lovely McLennan-led moment from the band’s 2000 “come back” album, The Friends of Rachel Worth.


Ben.H said...

Speaking as a dirty foreigner, this is terrible news, and a great shock for someone who was just checking a news site to see how badly his girlfriend's AFL team is doing.

A bunch of boxes from Australia arrived in my house this morning, so I'll be digging through them for my Go-Betweens records and boring everyone silly.

I only saw him play live once, the first reunion gig with Robert Forster - an acoustic gig in a mall in Brisbane in September 1993 (yes, it was at the Spring Hill Fair).

Tony.T said...

TFORW is a super album.

Mack said...

As much as I loved each and every Go-Betweens album, my favourite recording of McLennan's is the solo offering, Fireboy. Every song a corker and some of the lyrics get me in the gut every time. Yep, he was a bloody genius, old GW. Too bad his legacy will only be felt by so few.