Friday, June 02, 2006

Did Somebody Say Grog Blog?

Yes. Yes they did!

Do you live in Melbourne? Are you a blogger? In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys: Do you like parties? Heavens to Betsy, why do you hesitate?


I can personally guarantee that this will be the best night of your life, provided that all other nights prior to this have been spent shivering in a wet burlap sack with Kenny G. But even if they haven't, it'll still be pretty bitchin'. Who are you to say no? No-one, that's who.

Come on people, give yourselves permission to shine!


Anonymous said...

Oh fie! Fie on't!

I get on the train at Spencer St to head back to Sydney that very night! Gah!

The Daddy said...

Will be there, you better be there this time sterney!

Ben said...

Count me in, it's bin too long old pal.

Mark Mansour said...

Sounds great, I'll turn up and say hi.

TimT said...

I'll be detained by a work-drink-thing, but I'll almost definitely put in an appearance.

-A. said...

Twas nice to meet one of the Sterne crew there. Luckily I left before the posse headed down to Charltons. Nasty stuff.