Friday, September 22, 2006

Sitcom Dad Looking Forward To Kids' Future Antics

Steve Hart, patriarch of hit US sitcom Where the Hart Is, says he often lies awake at night wondering what wacky antics his kids will get up to next.

"It seems like every week they're getting themselves into strife," Hart says. "Like the time Glenda and I were out of town and TJ and Lucy threw a party that got out of hand - I think we all learned a valuable lesson that day. Then there was the time little Jimmy was getting bullied at school - by a girl! And the twins, well, who knows what kind of identity-swapping imbroglios they'll cook up next, especially once they're replaced next season by more attractive actresses."

According to Hart, the hilarity provided by TJ's ill-fated crush on an older woman helped the family regroup after the recent special double episode in which Hart's father paid the family a visit, reopening old wounds.

"That was a tough hour, minus commercials, but I'm glad that Dad and I managed to work through our problems in a frank and amusing manner so that he could be killed off with his dignity intact. Now if we can just get rid of Maxwell, our zany next-door-neighbour, it'll be pay rises all round!"

Hart says that this year is shaping up to be his family's best yet.

"TJ is a senior now, so I envisage a lot of bittersweet dating comedy, while Lucy's shyness will doubtless conflict with her emerging adolescence, creating ample opportunities for "hart-to-hart" chats with Glenda. As for myself, well, I think this just might be the year that Maxwell and I find ourselves trapped in a basement or elevator where our much-vaunted mutual loathing will melt into something approaching friendship, only to revert to loathing again the following week.

"Frankly, I'm so excited about what's in store for the Hart family this season. There is so much going on we might not even be able to fit in a clip show."

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