Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wacky VTACy

Just submitted my Dip. Ed. application to VTAC and I can report that the process, while swifter thanks to the internet, is still as confusing and nerve-wracking as it was a decade ago when I first applied for uni. In common with tax forms there is something about the way VTAC application instructions are written (clauses within clauses, feints within feints) that makes my brain stall. The constant peremptory pop-ups don't help, either. Clearly I ought to have foregone the study of literature, history and philosophy and instead taken a degree in Advanced Form Filling-Out, although that probably would have required me to fill out extra forms.

Anyway, it's done now, fired off into the ether, leaving me to worry whether some piddling mistake or other - failing to tick a box, say, or provide my correct shoe size - might disqualify me. In addition to being frazzled, I'm also a bit annoyed that I had to pay a $33 fee when current Year 12 students get their applications processed for the bargain rate of $24. What possible justification is there for this discrepancy? Yet another reason to dislike teenagers and thank god I'll be teaching primary school. That's if I get an offer.


MrLefty said...

You're annoyed by a stupid VTAC fee? Wait till you have to deal with the Department of Education regularly as a teacher. Petty bureaucratic requirements and unreasonable fees? Yes please!

I think I'd enjoy a DipEd just for the opportunity to make sure that every essay I did for them rubbished the stupid jargon and fad theories of the month they try to force down students' throats.

(Can you tell that I was a particularly supportive husband when my wife was doing hers?)

TimT said...

I wouldn't worry too much. Like all administration, of course, university administration couldn't administrate their way out of a wet paper bag. They'll have trouble enough even looking over the form to notice the ticked boxes, much less the ticked ones.

Ah, university ... I have fond memories* of standing in interminable queues while clutching insignificant pieces of paper full of carefully ticked-out boxes that the admin staff then proceeded to ignore. Fun times ...

* Nightmares.

Helen said...

Tim, if you're concerned, email them to ask them to check whether your form is correctly filled out, because it was quite long and you don't want to blah, blah... then keep the email in your Sent box as proof that you double checked, if they should fail to respond and then make some issue out of something.

TimT's take may be more realistic, but I don't know about the ignoring thing because surely the D of E is big and rich enough to have ICR (the James Brown Memorial Dogs Home has roughly 40 employees and is able to use same). So a human may not read all the boxes, true, but an application may.

Please don't give up on your blog while espousing teacherhood. I'd be very sad to see you leave the blogosphere because the quality of your writing is so high. I hope you're working on something dead-tree publishable.