Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Reading

  • Stephen Mitchelmore continues his investigation into "the despair of popular authors".
  • LitKick's Levi Asher gives a track-by-track account of "the greatest hiphop album of all time", EPMD's Strictly Business. It really is that good.
  • Ben canes the Patrick White Reader's Group's novel of choice, The Vivesector: "...I keep waiting for the first sign that the book is about to truly begin, and rise to challenge a single received idea it has indolently offered us."
  • Meet the World's Greatest Penile Artist. Unfortunately, "Mr Pricasso is good for novelty value only".
  • Claire Messud vs. Henry James: "Messud processes everything in a dull journalistic manner; James doesn't. One is a dreary well-connected hack writer; the other is a novelist."
  • If you are interested in J.G. Ballard or Iain Sinclair - or, like me, interested in both writers - Ballardian's interview with Sinclair is a must.

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Ben.H said...

Oooh, thanks for the Iain Sinclair link. If he keeps going on about Ballard I'm going to end up having to read him too.