Thursday, October 26, 2006

Down In Africa

It’s Sunday afternoon and Guy is taking his friend Maddy on a stroll through a remote African village.

GUY: Now, Maddy, be on your best behaviour. Remember that we’re guests in this village.

MADDY: Yeah I know.

GUY: No pointing or staring or anything like that. These people are poverty-stricken, but they deserve our respect as human beings.

MADDY: Yeah I know.

Some children run past. One boy almost collides with Maddy’s wheelchair.

MADDY (pointing at the child): I want that one.

GUY: Now, Maddy, don’t cause a kafuffle.

MADDY: I want that one.

GUY: But didn’t you say that the adoption of African children by wealthy Westerners is merely a cynical ploy to gain media exposure by jumping on the bandwagon of the cause celebre du jour?

MADDY: Yeah I know.

GUY: And didn’t you say that said wealthy Westerners would be better off investing in long-term community assistance and engaging in political lobbying rather than simply spiriting off random individuals to a life of luxury on the other side of the world?

MADDY: Yeah I know.

GUY: Well, now we’re here in Africa, what do you have to say?

MADDY (pointing at the child): I want that one.

GUY: All right, Maddy, if you’re adamant I’ll go and have a word with the boy’s father. I’m not promising anything, though.

MADDY: Yeah I know.

Guy walks off to talk to the child’s father. While his back is turned, Maddy gets up out of her wheelchair, chases after the small boy, catches him and stuffs him under her grubby t-shirt. Maddy is just climbing back into the wheelchair when Guy returns.

GUY: I’m sorry, Maddy, but the boy’s father says that although he thanks you for your generosity, he couldn’t bear to part with his beloved child. I suppose there is a lesson in all this: no matter how rich and powerful you are, you just can’t have everything.

MADDY: Yeah I know.

As Guy wheels Maddy away, she smiles and discreetly pushes a small dark arm back under her t-shirt.


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Personally, I've always suspected Madonna had testiclés.

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