Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For Immature Audiences

Steve Martin's Shopgirl is a terrible movie, but it does feature the talents of the delightful Gina Doctor. Sadly Ms Doctor does not play Martin's gynecologist girlfriend. That would have been too perfect.

Rumour has it that Ms Doctor's next film will co-star Hung Long, Paul Fister and Eric D. Cheek, with special effects by Jonathan Wank. Director Glenn Gaylord and cinematographer Leon Knob will join soundman Dimitri De Cock in bringing off something special with the assistance of Guy Hands. Meanwhile, writer Sandy Kuntz has reportedly come down with a rash and has been replaced by Brent Butt.

The film? A remake of 1923's Bum Grafters. I can hardly wait.


TimT said...

The blog that keeps on giving!

Tony.T said...

Doubtless there'd be room in the crew for Frank.