Monday, October 30, 2006

Here's To You, Weirdoes!

Unless Blogger has one of its freak-outs, sometime tomorrow this blog will receive its 30 000th visitor. On such an occasion it is only right to thank those who have most contributed to this achievement. Certainly we have our loyal readers - thank you both - but the people who really keep the counter ticking over are the Google searchers of the world. So if you're one of the hundreds of people who have found our blog by searching for "fuck mum", "dwarf's penis", "livinia nixon sex", "picking scabs", "festering mouth ulcer", "harold bishop hairy chest", "the temple of the clitoris", "make my knickers wet", "bovary masturbate", "dog mammary scabs", "sternezine blogspot cock vomit" or any of the other bizarre, troubling Google searches that apparently feature Sterne in their results - thank you. We wouldn't be the bloggers we are today without your unceasing efforts to clear up your mouth ulcers, masturbate to pictures of minor Australian celebrities, and generally wallow in the seedier side of the web, of which this blog is but one insignificant outpost. Bless you all, and may your lives be rich in cock vomit.


poacher said...

Congratulations guys. And for the record that post just made me spray a colleague with snot- I thank you, humbly.

RobW said...

You mean there's no dog mammary scabs here?

Geez, what a gyp!

Chris Fryer said...

I offer you my genuine and heartfelt congratulations! And may your cock snot continue to flow well into the future.