Thursday, December 21, 2006


The new version of Blogger is now out of beta so... so I don't really know what that means. We weren't able to switch during the trial period because Sterne is a multi-contributor blog but now, now, well, now we still can't switch because (according to the highly irritating Blogger Buzz blog) "a ton of people are already switching to the new Blogger, and we only let so many run simultaneously in order to give everyone a good experience". A good experience using Blogger? Whatever next...

The whole "new Blogger" thing is a bit scary. Old Blogger doesn't work half the time, so what are the chances that a new, more complex Blogger will be any better? I guess we'll find out. Anybody who switched during the beta period is welcome to share their horror stories - or soothing tales of smooth transition - in the comments.

Bloody hot, innit?


Matthew Tiffany said...

My site was originally on Blogger, and after moving it to the new Beta, everything vanished - posts, format, sanity. Multiple e-mails to those wacky Blogger kids were met with shrugs.

Now I use Typepad.

Mark Lawrence said...

my only experience is that it's often a bugger to post comments on blogs that went Beta. Comments either wouldn't publish or the visual security code spam blocker thing just wouldn't appear! how are you expected to 'type the characters you see in the picture above' when none are there to see?!!

audrey said...

I concur with mark lawrence. I am sticking with old school blogger. It may be clunky and slow and unusable half the time, but dagnammit, I knows what I's doing with it.

TimT said...

Crikey ... sounds like there really are some scare stories out there. Some Christmas present!

Merry Christmas to Tim and Jon, their hellish demon spawn and associated family members.

MrLefty said...

Tim - just letting you know that anonymouslefty and boltwatch are not under my control at the moment. Some bastard has hacked me, deleted the blogs from my account and stolen the URLs.

Temporarily I'm at instead. (I presume you consider this as outrageous an attack as I do.) VERY FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY RIGHT NOW.

PS if you want to comment on this and let people know, since I'm worried people won't realise it's not me, I'd appreciate it! Cheers.

mscynic said...

Disclaimer: Comment bears no relevance to post.

Congratulations on graduating. Thanks for your Christmas wishes.
Ditto to you and yours.

Stay well.

Ms Cynic