Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad News, Good News

Bad news:

Good news: Cate's still the critics' choice for this year's MILFs.


Ben.H said...

Are you crazy? Mirren's had a lock on that title for years. Especially after her Essex Girl gags backstage at the Globes.

Tim said...

Nah, Mirren's the old guard, whereas Blanchett is the new - that is, slightly less old - guard. It's time for Mirren to pass the baton, before arthritis kicks in.

TimT said...

You can't quite see Mirren in the same way after watching the scene in Excalibur where she is both mother and midwife, pulling Mordred out of her womb with her own two hands. (Or the scene, about ten/fifteen minutes previously, when she seduces her brother, King Arthur).

It adds a whole new incestual twist to her public image.

Anna Grace said...
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Jellyfish said...

Heh. Mirren has always struck me as being a bit like Emma Thomson - she has got a very 'proper' public image, simply because she tends to be all corset-y or power suit-y in her roles and has a posh voice, but when you actually look at what she has to say in interviews she's actually quite crass and clearly a bit of a rascal.

In Blanchett related news, it drives me crazy that the Aussie press is acting like this is some terrible miscarriage of justice for Cate when she already won for the same bloody award in 2005 and clearly couldn't give much of a fuck about the Oscar's anyway. Maybe they are still smarting from the Gwyneth snub (God knows I am).