Friday, February 16, 2007

Lucky Martin

Is it April 1 already? I ask because I've been reading about Martin Amis becoming a university creative writing teacher and the only response I can muster is: Are you havin' a laugh? Is he havin' a laugh?

Of course Amis isn't havin' a laugh, he's havin' a midlife crisis. Another midlife crisis. Seems he wants to reconnect with da kids in the hope of rediscovering his muse - or maybe just so can score some decent weed. Oh, and he reckons he might get a novel out of the experience. Because there just aren't enough novels set on university campuses.

I reckon Mart'll make a pretty good teacher, but that won't be why students will be rushing to sign up. No, they'll be signing up because having Martin Amis as your creative writing tutor is a win-win situation. If he commends your work, well, wouldn't that be a thrill? If he hates it, though, you can have a good rant about nasty old elitist Martin, wouldn't know good writing if it mashed in his plummy mug with a right hook, hasn't written anything decent since Money, which was overrated anyway, lucky sod, never would've scored a publisher if not for his old man [etc, etc, ad nauseum].

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