Friday, February 09, 2007

Mart Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor wants to know if Martin Amis is "into it". Judging by the accompanying photo, I'd say Amis is in fact way, way out of it.

Is that Martin Amis or Rene Belloq?

I do like this line of Amis's about Mel Gibson's depiction of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ: "One thing that was caught very well by that film was the idea that he was godlike in some ways: He could endure a great deal of pain – but it really hurt."

UPDATE (10/2): It must be Amis month: Slate's appropriately-named Keith Gessen wonders where Mart's "warring impulses" will lead him next, while the NYRB features John Banville's review of House of Meetings, which almost - almost - makes me want to read the book again.


Ben.H said...

Short, shameful, irrelevant confession: I watched Raiders about 20 times before I finally twigged that that was Belloq in that pantomime genie costume presiding over the Ark's opening. And people say Spielberg's a competent director? Feh!

Thankyou for the tenuous opportunity to get that off my chest.

Tim said...

Oddly enough I had the same problem. It's because you get to know and love Belloq as a khaki-clad Nazi archeologist then all of a sudden he turns into Aleistair Bloody Crowley. My brain just can't handle the switch.