Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Watch Out, David and Margaret!

My Dad went on a rare trip to the fillums last night; I made the mistake of asking him about it today.

Me: So, what movie did you see?

Dad: Broken, ah, something. Breaking something, maybe.

Me: Uh-huh.

Dad: Jude Law was in it.

Me: Yeah, doesn't sound familiar, but I don't--

Dad: Although it might have been Sting. The guy looked a lot like Sting, but I thought he was a bit young to be Sting. But then I don't really know how old Sting is. Or what he looks like.

Me: What was the movie about?

Dad: It was sort of, I don't was more a girly, you know, love story than anything else.

Me: Bit of a chick flick?

Dad: Yeah. No. I don't know.

Me: Did you actually watch the film?

Dad: Yeah, it's just...I don't know.

Me: Ok. [lengthy pause] So... [slightly longer pause during which Dad starts pretending to be occupied with a newspaper crossword] Um, think I might get going.

Dad: [dismissive grunt]


Ben.H said...

I've seen that film. It was a bit - well, you know.

genevieve said...

Yes, I know what film he means, but goodness me, was he ASLEEP? Worse than my parents, Tim, and that's saying something. A bit of an action flick man, is he? There was an autistic girl in it who did somersaults at three in the morning and barked like a fox, but I guess he missed all that.

genevieve said...

PS but a very funny blog story all the same - sorry if I sound indignant, meant to convey a sense of wonder really.

TimT said...

It's a thought that fills me with horror and dread, but someday, I imagine I shall be like that.