Friday, April 20, 2007


UFOs, the Kennedy assassination, ghostly entities fondling Dan Ackroyd in the night - we live in a world that is fair bursting with unexplained phenomena. But nothing, not even the creepy Ackroyd thing, is as bizarre as a certain Christmas card I received last year.

All seemed perfectly in order when I retrieved the card from my letter box. On the front of the envelope was my name and address. Letter perfect; no mistake.

Turning the envelope over, however, I noticed something strange: a personalised sender's address sticker bearing the name "S & M Murphy" and an address in Shellharbour, NSW. All very well, except that I don't know anybody named S. Murphy, nor anybody named M. Murphy, let alone a couple with the unlikely initials S & M Murphy.

Oh yeah, I also don't know anybody in Shell Harbour. I don't even know where Shell Harbour is!

It gets weirder, though. The Christmas card itself features the following message:
Trev, Mel, Mitch, Cooper + Max

Merry Christmas + Best Wishes For 2007

Murph, Mel, Sally + Andrew

So basically one group of people I don't know has somehow mailed me a Christmas card intended for another group of people I don't know. How, I wonder, is this possible?


TimT said...

So: the Great English Card Conspiracy has migrated to Australia!

I remember a while ago - possibly previous Christmas, possibly the one before that - about a 'Christmas Card' version of this practical joke where malicious card-writers sent out Christmas Cards to random people in the telephone directory in order to send them into paroxysms of guilt and agony. (Oh my GOD! We haven't even SENT the Jones a Christmas card yet!)

Tim said...

Well there you go. I knew I should have posted about this earlier. Can't say I felt any guilt. Mystification yes, but guilt? I don't even send Christmas cards to my family!

TimT said...

*Re-reads post*

Oh. Your post *was* about a Christmas card. Pardon me while I go and find a brick wall to bang the bony protuberance attached to my neck against for a while...

Meredith said...

Why not write back to them? Tell them all your news, and enclose a photo. OR, you could write Trev or Mel a love letter & seal it with a lipstick kiss, hehehe.