Monday, April 16, 2007

Ragin', Full-On

I've seen enough episodes of Rage to know which video clips I never, ever want to see played again. Choosing a twenty song playlist is a much tougher proposition. And check out the criteria: "Selection will be made on the basis of creative strength of the list and accessibility to the rage audience." But at what point does the "creative strength" of a playlist start to effect its "accessibility to the rage audience"? And how do they quantify either criterion? I suspect they'll just pull playlists out of a hat until they get one that won't require too much rummaging in the archives.

When I first heard about the Invade Rage competition I was enthusiastic. But then I remembered that I live in 2007 and thanks to Youtube I can watch on demand almost any music video I want. I also have a blog, so if I want to share my reasons for liking a particular video clip I have a forum available on which to do so, and that is not limited by running times or production conventions. I am also free from consideration of audience sensibilities. Having thought about all this, and having pondered the vague competition guidelines, I am now wondering if I ought to bother entering at all.

But of course I will. I'll even post the playlist here when it's done because god knows it's never going to get played on Rage.

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GoAwayPlease said...

Please feel welcome to list your clips at my place or at Thinker's Podium.