Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reading & (Not) Writing

I borrowed Kelly Link's Magic For Beginners from the library today. I was looking forward to reading it, but when I got it home and was examining the front matter, as I like to do, I noticed the following quotation from Michael Chabon:
"A new Fountains of Wayne album, a new Wes Anderson movie, a new short story collection by Kelly Link - and once more, for a little while, the world is worth saving."
So ok, a writer I can't stand compares Link to a band I'm indifferent to and a filmmaker responsible for the only film to date that I have walked out of halfway through. Not exactly promising.

Anyway, I read the first story, "The Faery Handbag" and I'm pleased to report that it was better than Chabon's "recommendation" had led me to expect. Not particularly original or innovative but funny enough and clever enough to make for an enjoyable fifteen minutes' reading. I'll try to jot down some more detailed thoughts when I've read more of the book.

Speaking of jotting things down: my god writing is tough at the moment. Back when I used to watch (but not play) a lot of sport I could never understand how a person could "lose form" and all of a sudden be incapable of doing something they had previously done well or at least competently. But over the past few months I have felt my writing mojo slipping away and I have to concede that I am out of form. Not that I don't write mostly crap when I'm in form, but now even writing crap takes enormous amounts of energy. Taking time off from blogging didn't help; so far returning to blogging hasn't helped much either. But I do think that the only solution is to write my way back into confidence. Drinking might help some too. Expect a lot of drunken, half-arsed posts for the next little while. And probably for some time after that.


Richard said...

I believe Chabon had a similarly annoying blurb on Link's other book, Stranger Things Happen. (Magic for Beginners is better, I think.)

Totally feeling you about being out of writing form.

Imani said...

That's about my reaction to one of the stories from the Kelly Link collection Richard mentioned.

But, in general, why would any editor allow a blurb comparing her author's book to a Wes Anderson movie on the cover? In what circles is Anderson considered a highly reputable director?