Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blog With No Roll?

Every time I try to update the blogroll the java popup thingy Blogger makes you use crashes my browser. It's pretty annoying, but I wonder if it's of any consequence. Do people still use blogrolls? I can't remember the last time I clicked on a blogroll link, here or elsewhere. And if I'm not doing it then hardly anybody else is either, me being one of those trend-setting types you read about in the Sunday Age and all.

So: would dumping the blogroll be considered a breach of etiquette? Or, if maintaining a list of blogfriends is absolutely essential, even though the list serves no practical purpose, could I just shove it down the bottom of the page? You know, where nobody would see it.


TimT said...

Yeah, my blogroll is way too long and I hardly ever use it. I thought of vanquishing it into the archives and having a link on top of my blog to it. That's probably the best thing to do.

I've been meaning to fiddle with my template a bit, but I'm paranoid that if I do, everything will vanish in a puff of internet logic.

genevieve said...

I'm on it, so no, you can't possibly get rid of it Timothy.
There are people out there with no blogrolls, but I don't even know who they are. Simply shocking. (BTW there's someone on that Lost Tribes show who sounds like Kath Day-Night.)

Richard said...

I don't think it's a breach of etiquette to remove your blogroll, but I would like to address the use or value of a blogroll itself.

I've only recently become aware that bloggers used their own blogroll in order to access blogs. This, I guess, explains some of the super-long blogrolls some blogs have. But it seems odd to me. I look at so many blogs that it would be wildly inefficient for me to use the blogroll for that purpose. (Also it would mean my spending a lot of time at my own blog.)

For me, I see it as a listing of blogs that either I get particular value out of, or feel a certain commonality and/or community with. They are recommendations. Not of every blog I read or like, but of an elite few. Few partly because I don't want it to be huge or unwieldy. (I removed your blog when I was trying to clean up and it looked like you had stopped blogging altogether; I haven't gotten around to returning you to the roll.)

I like to see which blogs are effectively being recommended by a given blogger. I certainly use the blogrolls at other blogs, and my stats (such as they are) tell me that people use blogrolls to get to me.

Probably more than you wanted to hear...

Ben.H said...

It's your blog, do what you want with it. Remove it and see what happens. Put up a sign saying "NO BLOGROLL HERE" and see if it catches on. I've just made mine less functional, but still want to do something less blogrolly with it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about other people, but I click on blogroll links all the time. I found a lot of great blogs at this very site. I think it'd be a shame - though not, of course, for reasons of etiquette - if people started removing links from the blogs.

Tim said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I quite like TimT's idea of moving the links to a dedicated page. In fact that might be my only option anyway given Blogger keeps crashing when I try to add links.

Mark Lawrence said...

I think blog rolls are helpful - it's about web reciprocity. I would like to share what I blog about with more readers, so if someone recommends my blog that's great. Hopefully, that means more passing traffic.

Also, I like to play 'link roulette' once in a while. Every week or so, I will click on a link I've never visited before on someone's blog roll just to see what I'll find, and sometimes I get a nice surprise. I also get a wider idea of what other people are blogging about (rather than my narrow list of regular blogs), and a sense of what the person who recommended a blog in their links likes.

My blog roll also serves as a handy bookmark for the blogs I read.

BTW, your A–Z of links is pretty spiffy. I'm impressed you got Blogger to put in anchors.

Tim said...

They'll be even spiffier when I get them to work.