Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Full Life

Reading: The Garments of Caean, Barrington J. Bayley.

Listening: Golden Cleaners, The Cleaners From Venus.

Watching: My eBay watch-list.

Writing: Bugger all.

Caring: A lot - in the Faith No More sense.

Plotting: See below.

Thinking: As little as possible.

Eating: Vegemite on toast.

Dreading: Doing the grocery shopping this afternoon. Oh, and global warming, nuclear war, etc.

Failing: To do anything remotely productive with my life.

Succeeding: At wallowing in self-pity over perceived failure to do anything remotely productive with my life.

Laughing: At the increasing absurdity of Neighbours' storylines.

Wishing: I owned a more comfortable pillow.

Making: Annoying clicking sounds with my front teeth.

Disliking: The exhorbitant cost of buying books from the UK.

Going: Out for dinner to celebrate my mum's birthday.

Selling: My soul to the lowest bidder. So far there have been no takers.

Drawing: The short straw and a long bow.

Drinking: Instant coffee.

Stroking: My pussy.

Buying: Obscurities.

Wondering: Why a couple of emails I sent last week have been ignored.

Spooking: The horses.

Despising: Pretension, arrogance, spitefulness, apathy.

Exhibiting: Pretension, arrogance, spitefulness, apathy.

Wishing: For intergalactic peace.

Suffering: Mild headache, indigestion (the Vegemite on toast), gammy knee.

Collapsing: In a heap.

Ending: This post.


TimT said...

Happy belated birthday to your mum, however old or young she may happen to be.

lucy tartan said...

I was so busy writing "underline titles" for the nine hundredth time on someone's essay that I forgot to bid on this jug on ebay that I REALLY WANTED, crap I hate that! Fortunately there were some corn chips in the pantry.