Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Idea For A TV Show

Title: Simon & Simon

Premise: The two actors who played Simon Kelly on Hey Dad! meet and become gay lovers. Together they solve crimes.

Cast: Christopher Mayer as Paul Smith, Paul Smith as Christopher Mayer, with special guest Charles "Bud" Tingwell as "The Guy Who Played Nudge".


TimT said...

So, um, is it just serendipity that made you post this, or is it based on celebrity gossip you've heard - like, say, this?

Tim said...

It was actually because I saw some of the Hey Dad cast on Where Are They Now? and neither of the Simons were present. That they've shacked up as crime-solving lovers seems a good explanation for their absence.

mindlessmunkey said...

As long as there are cameos by Julie McGregor and Matthew Krok, I'm all for it.