Friday, May 25, 2007

Remember when this blog had actual content? No, me either. Neither.

This isn't happening. It would have been interesting, maybe even good, but I don't have time to put the thing together. Basically it came down to a choice between one full-time project that would consume all of my writing/thinking resources (ie. the lit journal) or a bunch of smaller projects that I can work on concurrently. The latter better suits my circumstances and temperament. That said, thanks to everybody who emailed me about getting involved.

I've got some short book reviews appearing in The Big Issue over the next couple of months and there are some longish blog posts I'm attempting to get up to scratch. Illness continues to slow me down with whatever caused this now causing inflammation of the lining of my right lung. Again, nothing life-threatening, just painful and annoying.

I have however managed to make a tentative start on writing one book (fiction) and a slightly more confident start on another (non-fiction, albeit extremely subjective). The fiction idea has been percolating for about six months; the non-fiction idea came about thanks to a confluence of thoughts and experiences towards the end of last week. I expect to have both books finished c. 2025, so keep an eye out.


TimT said...

This comment is both off topic and infuriatingly pedantic, but anyway. I was browsing at the Sun Bookstore today in Yarraville, and picked up a copy of the 'Incompleat Art of the Funereal Violin' that you reviewed before, and flicked to the music at the back.

Did the author intend to imitate old styles? Because, if so, he/she gets it so very, very wrong in the music. The first piece I read was in 7/8, which was virtually inconceivable prior to the 20th century. Several other pieces had equally strange time signatures, as well as melodic/harmonic intervals that were, to say the least, highly unlikely.

Or perhaps I'm missing a joke here, and the book is intentionally artificial - that is, the weird pastiche of 20th century/18th century musical styles is meant to be noticed?

What say you, Tim?

Tim said...

I reckon it's intentional, although I missed the joke because I can't read music up to the level of being able to follow scores and I'm not well versed in the development of musical techniques. I think the author likes contradictions and anachronisms. Also, he probably enjoyed the idea of suckering in non-music-reading reviewers because to the untrained eye it looks pretty legit. It's almost like a challenge - look, here's a big sign saying "This book is fiction!", but can you spot it? There are clues throughout the book, but I wonder if I'd have picked them up if I wasn't aware that it's was fake. I like to think so, but perhaps not.

Amos Johannes Hunt said...

Now that someone has not only posted an off-topic comment, and gone so far at remark on the off-topicality of the comment in the course of doing so, off-topic may be on-topic. So allow me to ask here who wrote the quote in the "bookmarks" column about writing as "a matter of submission." The link doesn't work.

Tim said...

It was from this blog. The post seems to have been deleted.

Beth said...

I read your funerary violin review yesterday - fantastic stuff, Tim. I'm sure your vbooks will be brilliant too! Get better soon.

Tim said...

Thanks, Beth.