Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Contributors for a quarterly online journal or review or whatever you want to call it.

Here's what I'm after: long- and short-form reviews of new or old works; critical essays (on individual authors/artists, movements, trends, genres, etc); interviews; innovative fiction and poetry of a high standard. Literature will be the main focus, but I hope music, film and other cultural pursuits will feature prominently too. Within that ambit I'm interested in covering pretty much everything, from the highest art to the lowest brow, from the old and perhaps forgotten, to the new. Ideally, contributions will be smart, original and funny, the work of intelligent enthusiasts rather than dry academics - although intelligent, enthusiastic, non-dry academics are more than welcome!

If you're at all interested, leave a comment or send me an email (bel_mcdonnell AT optusnet DOT com DOT au). Please note that this project is not a blog (although it may end up being hosted by a blogging service) so I'm not necessarily seeking a long-term commitment.

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TimT said...

Sounds interesting, do you have any writers in mind?