Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Brother Criticised For No-Brainer Stance

Channel Ten's reality programme Big Brother is embroiled in yet another controversy after the show’s producers declined to inform housemate Gavin Stubbs that his brain has died.

Stubb’s brain reportedly passed away late on Sunday, yet Stubbs remains unaware and continues to participate in household activities.

Big Brother spokesman Brian Shshmith told a media conference that the programme was acting according to Stubbs’s own wishes.

“Prior to entering the house Gavin informed us that brain death was a potential issue and he specifically requested not to be told should he suffer the loss of that organ while he remained a housemate. Gavin made it clear that he has never been particularly close to his brain and did not wish his Big Brother experience to be interupted were it suddenly to die.”

Media personality Andrew Bolt told Sterne that he found the producers' stance "inhumane".

“I think all right-thinking people would agree that Big Brother’s producers have an obligation to tell Gavin about his brain death. I speak from experience, because several years ago a good friend of mine took me aside and told me with great sensivity and respect that he thought my brain had died and dropped out of my bumhole. That was when I knew I was ready to be a News Ltd. columnist.”

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