Monday, June 18, 2007

The Diceman Readeth

I can't decide which novel to read so I have assembled six books that are either on my informal to-read pile or that I have been meaning to read for years. I have shuffled the books then laid them out in the following random order:

1. The Country Girls, Edna O'Brien
2. The Waterworks, E.L. Doctorow
3. The Pesthouse, Jim Crace
4. The Shipping News, Annie Proulx
5. The Private Wound, Nicholas Blake
6. Winterwood, Patrick McCabe

And now I take a dice and roll it...


My fate has been sealed.

Gosh, I bet you wish you had my life.

1 comment:

Ghost said...

You forgot the obligatory Amazon link and for those that want more than 'buy me' information the Wikipedia link

It was a great book btw (the one referenced, not the one chosen - I don't know anything about that one). Bizarre, but good.